Saturday, March 9, 2013

Proposing Marriage...Dairy Style!

Well, it's finally happened. Game over. I am officially engaged. And I thought to myself, "Hey Cody, you are pretty much an epic failure when it comes to blogging. It has been a long time since you updated either of your two blogs. Now might be a good time to update one of them!" So here I am.

Emma and I have been dating for two years. Well, okay, a year and ten months. Close enough right? She has been patiently waiting for quite some time now for me be a man and ask her to marry me. Of course, you may be thinking, "But Cody, you have only been dating for two years. That's not that long." Well, in Mormon culture (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints), where stories abound of people falling hopelessly in love at first sight and being married a month later, two years is pretty much eternity. She's a good woman for waiting, and my goal is to make it worth the wait!

I know what is going through your head. You are thinking, "CODY GET TO THE PROPOSAL STORY ALREADY!" Gladly. I had occasionally thought about how I would propose, especially during those long milking shifts, and it only seemed right to me that it should include a cow of some sort. I finally went in and bought a ring the day before Valentine's Day. I had the ring. Now I had to get the proposal taken care of. My plan was to find a Jersey calf. Emma loves Jerseys, and at our dairy we milk all Holsteins. So, I called around and realized that getting a Jersey calf was going to be much more difficult than I thought, mostly because I wanted a heifer calf. Dairyman DON'T sell heifers. I finally found a guy who was willing to sell me a Jersey/Holstein heifer cross on a Monday morning. I agreed I would call him Wednesday and then pick up the calf. I was planning to propose that weekend.

Well, Wednesday morning I had to milk at 1:30am. During the night, I had woken up and thought to myself that I didn't need to wait until the weekend to pull of this proposal. I could pull it off the next day! While I was milking cows Wednesday morning, I ironed out all of the details in my head. I texted Emma, told her to come up to my place so that we could have lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, study for our test the following day, and maybe shoot our guns a little. She agreed and told me she would show up around noon. I finished milking and called the guy who I had planned to purchase the calf from. Long story short, things fell through and at 9:00am, just 3 HOURS before I was planning to propose, I had no Jersey calf. I panicked! I had a list of other dairyman who milked Jerseys and I picked up my phone desperately hoping to find someone who would sell me a Jersey heifer calf on super short notice. Just my luck, I found the right guy on my first call. I went to the farm, got the truck and trailer and headed off to get my calf.

When I arrived, I was shown the calf and had her loaded up in the trailer. She was a tiny little thing, only four days old. I went in the house to talk to the older gentleman about how much I owed him for the calf. He tried to give it to me for free after hearing my story (I couldn't believe it! What an incredibly nice guy!), but I would have nothing of it so we finally settled on $100 and I considered that the bargain of a lifetime! I took that calf back home and at this point I was running low on time. I set out some straw in an old hay barn of ours and set the calf inside. I also put a tag for the calf that said "Marry Me?" behind a ledge in the barn. Later, my mom put the ring box with the ring in it next to the tagger. I was ready to go.

Emma showed up to the house and my mom and grandma just happened to be there. I told my mom we were planning to go to the Mexican restaurant and I invited her and my grandma to come along. With the utmost professional acting skills my mom acted not too excited or sure about the idea and my grandma convinced her they should go. We left for the restaurant and on the way I turned to Emma and said, "Oh, I have been meaning to show you something! You need to see the new edition to the dairy! I think you are going to like it!" I asked my mom if we could stop and she played the "Can't you show her after we eat?" card and acted very annoyed. She is a great actress! We stopped and all of us went into the barn. When Emma saw the calf, she was quite excited! She thought it was great that I had picked up a Jersey! I made up a lie about how I got the heifer calf and proceeded to tell her that the calf was for her. I basically told her that she always gives me a hard time about there being no Jerseys on our dairy and now she could have her own at the dairy. She was excited about this as well. My mom chimed in with some mumbo jumbo about how cute it was and told us to stand next to the calf so she could take a picture. After that, she turned the camera to video mode and attempted to inconspicuously record the rest of the proposal. I told Emma that since it was her calf that she ought to tag it. Things got awkward as she asked questions and as I tried to figure out how to grab the ring and stick it in my pocket without her noticing. She finally took the tagger from my hand and bent over to tag the calf. I grabbed the ring and shoved it in my pocket! She had taken the tagger backwards and was confused about why I was putting a blank tag on the calf. I then told her she had it backwards and as she turned it around she noticed the "Marry Me?" on the tag and dropped it. She was shocked! I pulled out the ring, hit me knee, and the rest is history! It had been so long, I think she didn't believe me. But, I finally convinced her it was real and it looks like we are going to get hitched!

So, that's the story. Emma is an amazing woman. She is the kind of girl that will get up at 1:30 in the morning and help you milk cows. She is great with cows! She can drive a truck or a tractor. She can beat me up! She's a tough, boot wearing, corn fed, Midwest farm girl who bucks bales and works hard till the job is done. I love those things about her. But what makes it even sweeter is the fact that she can put on jewelry, a skirt, and be as girly as all get out. She's one of the best cooks I know and I would put her baking skills up there with some of the best bakers out there. She can mend a hole in your pants and if you are sick she will take care of you as long as you need her too. In short, she is a little bit of everything. I am a lucky man!

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